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An effective way to get the most out of your projects, Research & Incite's Knowledge Portal gives you instant, web-based access to key project documents. You also have a central source of relevant contact details for account teams and receive updates regarding important changes to the project.

Knowledge Portal is the most efficient way to work. Using the latest internet technology it means that our executives and your teams can:
- Communicate - actions & decisions, key findings, lessons learned and publish project data & knowledge.
- Collaborate - share ideas, resolve issues, exchange files and co-author documents.
- Co-ordinate - people, tasks, plans and resources.

How it works
When you commission a project we set up online folders, giving you access to important documents such as briefs, proposals and questionnaires. The Knowledge Portal can be used to store project documentation and a project management tool to help you monitor the progress of projects.

Knowledge Portal recognizes all file types including standard Microsoft Office applications. This tool works in real-time so all changes made are available immediately. Users can receive daily or weekly update reports.

Access for all users, is via a standard internet browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Chrome). Security is paramount and all Knowledge Portal communication across the web is encrypted via a secure connection. Each user has their own individual Username and Password. Lost password? Click this link

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